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Hi, I’m Paul Klar. Along with my wife Twin, we own and operate the taxidermy studio Cat Tracks Wildlife Design, located in the tiny town of Broadus, Montana. Broadus is located in southeast Montana on the famed Powder River, known to many as an absolute hunting Mecca.

For over 25 years, I’ve built relationships with hunters from around the world. Clients know that whether their trophy was taken in Montana or Africa, Cat Tracks Wildlife Design will capture the most lifelike representation. Each piece that leaves our taxidermy studio is considered special and is an endorsement of our commitment to excellence and personalized service.

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  • I have had the privilege of hunting with Paul and having him complete a mule deer floor pedestal mount. His attention to detail in the field and in the shop are unrivaled. I couldn’t be any happier with the mount he sent me and would highly recommend him to anyone!

    Geoff Eobstel
    Harleysville, PA
  • It has been a great experience watching Paul evolve into one of the most unique artists out there. I’ve used him exclusively for the past 10 years- he does simply amazing work. Paul’s eye to detail and talent of capturing the life-like features of the animals and presenting them in such a wonderful artistic setting is just that special. I am very happy to know, and have become friends with, Paul. He is able to take my hunting memories and capture them in an artistic scene that my family and friends and I can enjoy for years to come.

    Ralf Ludwig
    CEO, Wolf-Tec Inc.
  • Paul has been doing taxidermy work for my wife and I for about 10 years now. He has done about 20 mounts for us. The last mount he did for me was a whitetail wall pedestal. It is the most impressive mount I think I’ve ever seen. I think Paul could mount a mangy coyote and it would look great. I’ve seen many mountain lions that Paul has mounted for others and If I ever kill one, I know exactly who I’m going to have mount it for me. He does the best lions I’ve ever seen. Keep up the great work Paul, you will be the only taxidermist that I’ll ever use as long as you are still in business.

    Lisa & Randy Schroeder
  • I first met Paul when I was looking for someone to mount a Mule Deer and Antelope for me a few years ago. After extensive research I selected Paul Klar. I was so impressed with Paul’s work I have asked him to mount several more for me since. Paul’s work combines an unprecedented level of realism along with a higher degree of quality than I have been able to find anywhere else. The end product of Paul’s efforts truly is a work of art.

    Mike LeClair
    President & CEO, Babcock Power



Cat Tracks Wildlife Design strives to produce a work of taxidermy art for each and every client. Each step in the taxidermy process is given great care. We only use the industry’s finest supplies and tanners and we continue to stay on the cutting edge of new techniques to bring you the finest taxidermy mount possible. You will receive a realistic, lifelike mount that will showcase your trophy for years.

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Fullsize Mounts

Full body replicas of the animal can be produced to capture every detail from head to tail. This is the best option for someone with a lot of space to showcase their special trophy.

Half-size Mounts

Looking for a mount that incorporates more of the cape, but not interested in getting a full life-size mount? This option is for you and will be an instant conversation starter.

Game Heads

The classic head mount is a great way to showcase your trophy and it never goes out of style. A simple design that’s easy to add to any wall or room. This is the best option for someone on a tight budget.

Wall Pedestal Mounts

This unique design is great for someone looking to add a little something extra to the traditional game head mount. This style will usually include a shoulder and some habitat to add to the overall design.

Floor/Table Pedestal Mounts

The perfect option for someone who wants a lot of detail and maneuverability. A pedestal mount will incorporate habitat and a beautiful base. The best part is you can move it very easily!.

Game Rugs

Are you ready to add something unique to your collection? Rugs can be made from a variety of animals. Consider adding a rug to the floor (or wall) of your man-cave to give it that real trophy room look!




Paul Klar

founder, taxidermist

Paul is a life-long outdoorsman who has called Montana home for many years. His passion for hunting and creative personality led him to begin a career in taxidermy over 25 years ago. In the fall, when Paul isn’t hunting himself, he is usually helping others find their trophy by guiding in the Powder River area. When hunting season is over, Paul consistently tries to perfect his craft by taking classes and participating in shows. His numerous awards and ribbons are a testament to his hard work. Paul is an active member with the Montana Taxidermists Association, which he is a board member and past president.

Twin Klar

founder, boss

The true “brains” of this company, Twin handles the day to day operations and keeps Paul on track. A lover of all things outdoors, Twin particularly enjoys hunting with her husband Paul, when the weather is right!



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stop in to see the studio?

We would love to have you visit! Our showroom is open daily and changes frequently with the work we have. We are open Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm and by appointment on the weekends.

Who will be working on my mount?

In this studio, the only taxidermist who will work on your project is Paul Klar. From skin prep to habitat, Paul will oversee the process and make sure every detail is perfect. It is not uncommon for Paul to use outside vendors for prep tasks like tanning, which will allow him to expedite the process of multiple projects at once. At the end of the day, there is one goal – an exceptional taxidermy trophy.

Will I have to pick the pose from a generic selection?

No way! Your imagination and vision is all we need in order to create a unique trophy. While we may start with a “stock” form, we will customize it as much as needed to create the look you desire. We can also add habitat material to provide a truly custom look.

How long will it take for you to complete my finished trophy?

The lead-time varies depending on our current workload. At the time your order is placed, we will estimate a completion date based on our current schedule. If you are In a hurry, that’s not a problem. We offer 12-Week expedited service for a small fee.

So, now that my mount is finished. How do I get it home?

We have several ways to get your trophy to you.

  1. You can pick it up at our Studio. We are open Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm and on weekends by appointment.
  2. We can arrange for common carrier shipping. First, we crate your trophies in custom-built boxes and then we find you the fastest, most cost-effective freighting options.
  3. We offer a personal delivery service by a trusted expert. This option ensures the most care for your trophy, however delivery times for this option vary.

Need more info? Give us a call and we will walk you through the options and help you decide which is best for you.

I just harvested an animal, how should I care for it until I can get it to you?

Most hides will keep for up to 24 hours in refrigeration (40 degrees or below). If it’s going to be longer than that, it should be placed in a plastic bag and frozen. Please do not salt the hide unless you have the knowledge and capability to completely flesh and then dry it.

How should I clean my mount?

Regular cleaning insures longevity and keeps your trophy looking as good as the day it was brought home. Avoid heavy cleaners or furniture polish. Regular use of a simple feather duster is your best bet.

Do you restore or repair old mounts?

We offer restoration work on a case-by-case basis. For options, quotes, and more information, please contact us. We will evaluate your mount and come up with a plan that works.

Do you compete in shows?

Yes! We have used personal pieces and those done for customers in many contests and shows. We are proud to say that a number of them have won ribbons and trophies! Yours could be next!

Are the pictures on your website actual photos of your work?

They certainly are! Every photo you see on our website is a project we’ve done for our clients or ourselves. Check out our galleries to get some ideas for how you’d like to get your next trophy done.

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